Pictures from Desert Storm


I deployed to Saudi Arabia with the 37th Fighter Wing (Stealth Fighters) in August 1990 and spent more than eight months there, until the end of Operation Desert Storm. These are some pictures from that time period, including some "tourist" shots from the area.

The 37th Fighter Wing at Tactical Air Command Headquarters, the first stop on the deployment to Saudi Arabia.

Stealth Videos

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This is a group photo of 37th Fighter Wing Officers posed in front of an F-117A at our base in Saudi Arabia. I'm 3rd from left in the front row.

Two Stealth Fighters being prepared for another night mission outside one of their hardened shelters.


Another shot of two F-117As on the parking apron outside their shelters.

Sights from the Persian Gulf Area

This is a Saudi gentleman and his camel. (I had to pay him a dollar to pose with the camel!)

Following the war I got to explore the sights of nearby Bahrain. This is a photo of a 300+ year old Portugese fortress.

This is the Al-Fateh Mosque in Bahrain's capital, Manama. It was quite beautiful inside.

This is the famous Tree of Life which is an ancient acacia tree covering what may be a very early settlement. Stone age tools have been found in this area.

This is a hand-crafted coffe pot. Very few craftsmen can make these pots nowadays. It takes more than a week to create a treasure like this.

Heading Home after 8 1/2 months

This is an F-117A taken from the tanker I flew home on. Each tanker supported six jets. We flew from Saudi, across Egypt to Spain and then to the U.S. East Coast. 

Another shot of a Black Jet taking on Fuel.

Homecoming! After eight and a half months in Saudi we finally arrived in Las Vegas where I am met by my wife and son.

Home at last! It was wonderful to see my wife and son again after all those months. Mike had two teeth missing and was full of chicken pox!

Home Sweet Home!

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