The F-117A Stealth Fighter

The aircraft was built under strict security by Lockheed Advanced Development Company, known as the "Skunk Works". Initially developed under a contract from the USAF and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), under the program name HAVE BLUE.
Have Blue

Two aircraft, about one-third the size of the F-117A, were built, with the first flying in december 1977. This first aircraft crashed some six months later. The second aircraft first flew in June 1978. The second aircraft crashed about a year later. In November 1978 the The HAVE BLUE program was replaced by the SENIOR TREND program authorizing five full-scale development aircraft. Thirty-one months later, on 18 June 1981 the first F-117A aircraft flew. On 26 October 1983, the 4450 Tactical Group accepted its fourteenth F-117A and achieved Initial Operational Capability. For the next six years the unit's aircraft flew only after nightfall, eventually growing to three squadrons with a total of more than fifty aircraft. The program remained one of the best kept military secrets of all time. It was kept under strict security, until the Department of Defense announced the existence of the F-117A and released an extremely poor photo of the aircraft on Nov 1988. On 22 April 1989, the Stealth Fighter made its first public appearance at Nellis AFB, Nevada. The Air Force had ordered 59 aircraft, the last was delivered 12 July 1990.
The F-117A first went to war in Operation JUST CAUSE, when two aircraft each dropped a bomb on targets in Panama on 19 December 1989. Deploying to the Persian Gulf in August 1990, the aircraft took part in Operation DESERT STORM beginning 17 Jan 1991. By the end of the air campaign, the F-117As had flown nearly 1300 sorties.

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